Server Components
Service Construction and Deployment
Facilitates the construction and deployment of application services in a channel independent manner, providing common connection management, transaction management and error handling.

Session Management
Manages user sessions in a clustered environment, while providing session timeout and transparent fail-over.

Connection Management
Manages pooled and non-pooled connections with transparent fail-over between application servers and back-ends.

Data Access
Provides data access capabilities with sophisticated object/relational mapping; significantly reduces the amount of data access logic required and eliminates the need for embedded SQL scattered all over the application.

Optimistic Locking
Manages concurrency between multiple clients and server to protect data integrity.

Asynchronous Messaging
Provides JMS-style publish/subscribe messaging between server applications and back-ends; supports guaranteed delivery and clustered listeners.

Back End Access
Supports integration with non-SQL based back-ends (mainframe, external service providers, etc).